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Community description:A community for weird grammar issues
Welcome to [community profile] grammatical, a community for weird grammar issues. If you've ever had one sentence you just couldn't punctuate, or a paragraph with complicated tense issues, [community profile] grammatical is the place to post your excerpt and ask for help! Posting access is open, so there's no need to join or subscribe unless you want to stick around and help others with their weird or complicated grammar issues.

While our members are happy to help with specific problems from any writing project, please do not post asking for a proofreader.

Posting: All posts should include your problem sentence(s), your question, and a subject line that describes the problem area. For example, if your question is about separating list items that contain commas, "commas within lists" is a great subject, but "commas" would also work. In some cases, you may also find it useful to provide other information, such as which dialect (e.g., Australian English or Mexican Spanish) or format (e.g., AP or MLA) you are using. Please put long or not-safe-for-work excerpts behind a cut tag.
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